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ONUS is a new story I write for fun; a pallet cleanser I use to unwind and empty my mind.


I've mixed a variety of my own repeating dreamscapes, personal experiences, and automatic writing fragments that have never unfolded into full stories. 


The fables and rhymes are automatic writing bookends. A lyrical rhyme begins or ends most of my sessions. The Grove,  The Yolk, and The White are where I spend my time when I enter this meditative state.  The same theory as a memory room, this three-part space helps me control my meditative state.

None of the elements I've used for inspiration are related but I think they create a vibrant world where Witches, Demons, Werewolves, Angels, and Vampires could exist.

This story has only two parts at this time. The first unfinished book is available on inkitt.com. The cover changes constantly as I can't seem to decide what feeling I want the cover art to convey. 

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