Onus One 4.jpg


ONUS is a new story I write as a pallet cleanser to unwind and empty my mind. I've mixed a variety of my own repeating dreamscapes, personal experiences, and automatic writing fragments that never unfolded into full stories. 


The fables and rhymes are automatic writing bookends. A lyrical rhyme begins or ends most of my sessions. The Grove,  The Yolk, and The White are where I spend my time when I enter this meditative state.  The same theory as a memory room, this three-part space helps me control my meditative state.

None of the elements I've used for inspiration are related but I think they create a vibrant world where Witches, Demons, Werewolves, Angels, and Vampires could exist.

This story has two parts at this time. The first book is available on inkitt.com to read for free. I am currently working on book two, Shadow.