A series of lucid dreams brought about the four installments of this series.

SWITCH is about the gifts we are given, the burdens they become, and the lengths we will go to get rid of them.

SWITCH is a product of automatic writing and one of the first of my projects that I shared with the public. 


This first part of this four-book installment was entered into a contest held by Barns & Nobel, Switch made it to the top 5 before the contest ended.

This series began with a dream of a restaurant robbery. Every noise and smell caught my attention while in the dream, and each night the dream ended with the same knife at my throat while I desperately attempted to remove my wedding ring.


It wasn't until I attempted an automatic writing session that the full story unfolded for me. Having the house to myself one Saturday, I wrote for twelve hours straight and then edited for several months.  

I plan to cut the four parts down to marketable size and attempt to publish.


CAROLINE is a companion story from this group and its small size makes it a quick read.